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Msg to the admin:

Your system was hacked, cracked, r00ted, 0wned, etc...  No damage was done. Actually I fixed some bugs in your security system (who sais that hackers are malicious users ?). However your system is not secure yet, you still have lot of bugs. I suggest you reading some books on NT security, or better change your system to U N I X, trust me it's much secure... oh... if you have any problems with your system please mail me to: pentaguard@hotmail.com or visit my site www.pentaguard.org .

Greetings to:

PsicOSis, I am online, ^INDIAN and his group, AcidMeister, CriMzON, §oGgY, the rest of Pentaguard and everybody else who want to see his name on a cracked page.

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