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Dear SysAdmin,
You got Rooted,Administrated and everything what's in between...
You don't have to worry: we didnt delete/destroy anything: just delete
index.htm and rename index.old to index.htm. Everything will be cool and restored to original.
BUT, since i couldnt read and understand the contents of your site i suppose you cant read
this.. so let me do a little translation:
Sa hakim lika da BigmAk saijfu tjaku tjap-tjoy burrita fries san soy.
To avaka na si sien mcnuggets whoppa  san. Kuya lok Swaymitsa
Binyata Ket-sjup index.old toi index.old da mai moi toi koi.
Ching tjang poki.

1 H4vE To0 C0m3 W1Th SoM3Th1nG N3W: Th1S 15 G3Tt1nG B0R1nG...

Greets go out to:
- De Meestervervalser. (Mail ons nog ff met wat nieuws en ideeen.. ;)
- Astral (lesson two will start soon and i'm sure 403.cjb.net is gonna be B1G in a week or two ;)
- 6foot9
- Domo (Het is al te r/hanzig en ziek geworden..)
- L0rd
- Het Klaphek team.

Visit these wild dutch sites:
http://www.klaphek.nl (Dutch only)
http://www.dutchthreat.org (Dutch only)
http://www.hack.vuurwerk.nl (Dutch Only)

Visit these wild international sites:

Xoloth1(DT) vs Backmasker(RaPho)

p.s. Do you really think it's funny renaming the Guest account to Root?


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