Security is an illusion

I woke up this morning, with a clear mind, a clear vision, with my eyes wide open.
Yet something blurred my sight.. Something that shocked me.. I knew what it was, but
I didn't dare to face it. Reality freaked me out. A reality of going to school every
morning and taking crap from teachers that you hardly don't know.. that don't know you
or that you've never met before. And yet we're so far apart.. I do not despise these people, nor
do I wish them well or ill. I just wished everything was back to normal.. back to the old days

Out here, we don't treat eachother like strangers.. nor do we despise oneanother.
Here, my eyes are not blurred anymore.. they are open, wide open, without any rippels in my line of
sight. Eventhough we've never seen eachother, or never talked to eachother.. we know eachother
better then the teacher in school who makes me believe that his class is the most important, and
that his life is the center of the universe. Choose a future, choose a past, choose life.

Equality is one of the virtues of mankind.. maybe you cannot see it, but i can. Some people unfortunately
think of this equality of non-existant. But I can see it, and you should too.
The only thing you have to do is opening you eyes.

In the end.. after you take a cold shower, it's a shame to realise that your entire life went through
the drain just by not opening your eyes. Don't make the same mistake most people make.. don't be tempted
by easiness. We do not choose this road because it is easy, we choose it because it is hard.

Stop blindly following others, choose your own road, make a damn difference!!

Life is there to make something out of it.. do not wash it through the drain.
It does not necessarily mean that when you're fighting against an enemy of whom you think you
can't win, that you don't stand a chance of beating him. The cause is there and so are the means
the only thing you have to do is open your eyes and cease them.

Sic semper tyrannis always with tyrants..

This machine was compromized by
You can take everything away from us, but you will never take away our FREEDOM.

Just watched "Braveheart"

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