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The first to offer Internet in Jordan - The first to get hacked

I live a world of paradox... My willingness to destroy is your chance for improvement, my hate is your fate -- my failure is your victory, a victory that won't last. - favorite saying


We!@#$$##@#$ 0uun j00r 3ss

Good evening Jordan!

Oh yea, you got that right! This site has been Hacked and now owned by us. It must be difficult for you to understand, you may start by saying "but why !!" Well the matter is simple, It is now your turn, we must admit we owned this network for a while now, had and still have access to your private email!! And Credit Card information --Oops-- we have record of all transaction YOU DID over this unsecured network, we dumped every last byte and archived it.

What Do I do? You ask?

Well get on the phone call your bank and arrange for a replacement -- NOW!! GO GO GO way to go Global One.

Now every ISP in the country will start calling his network secured. Well let us tell you something people, it is not. but fortunately for them we haven't decided to alter any of their information! Yet !

Again every so called hacker or hacker want to be (( lamer )) in the country will try to take credit for this, relax people this is a remote attack.

Hacked by: The Club

Dedicated to our friends KW, KE, ZS....... To SysAdmin: don't bother looking for clues, there is simply nothing you can do! ........... Just look in your htdocs for more information . TCB !!!