Multinationals, big corporations, the powerfull people, never use their power.
They abuse it. Their only gain is their personal profit. The don't give a damn about
how other people are. What would it concern them ?
This is a good question.

The casual people, the people who supposedly have nothing to say, do have something to say.
Our voice counts for as much as the one's of the powerfull people. These people make it seem
asif we do not have a choice, asif we have to do what they are commanding us to do. WRONG.
WE have our OWN will, our OWN freedom. Freedom is a special thing assured to us by the consitution.
haha - yeah right. That's what we're supposed to believe. The same government that assures us this
freedom is taking it away when we turn our back. We live in a system with 3 branches of government,
3 chances to make something out of it for the people. Then why wont it work??

Freedom belongs to the people who will not waste it, eventhough mistakes are humain.
The government does not deserve the freedom and support we give it. They have been misleading us
ever since they saw that taking freedom away was good for their own gain. They watched Russia do it,
now they're watching China in full effect doing it. Russia went down just because of a lack of freedom.

Do you want your country to go down as well??

React before it is too late.

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