Diablo owns this site !!!

Why ?

Cause the Chinese government is pissing on the Chinese internet users rights. They murder their hackers, they prohibit access to foreign sites, they imprison ppl just for sending e-mail's to US and stuff like this...

Any other reason ?

Yeah, there are some rumors referring to a "could-war" against US (that's cause me and Windows 95 hacked 21 US .mil and .gov sites). THERE IS NO COULD WAR AGAINST US !

We just had some fun with those "ultra-secret" sites... But we are hackers not warriors we don't start wars against a country!

then why are you fucking .cn sites?

Cause I really don't like communists... and I don't like when a country is pissing on human-rights, but this is not a war, this is just a protest against Chinese government.


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