[ traditional admin note. ]

Hello. No data was harmed in this hack.  I have  created a script in /root.  Run this script and the page will be restored back to the way it was before.  If you need any help with this simple task you can e-mail me at mindphasr@cha0s.org

HcV - Buhaha, your pages kick ass.  Is english your second language? I would hope so.  I can barely understand your pages. They have such poor grammar.   Please redo your lame webking hack so I can maybe read it. Now that would be elite. A page from HcV that doesn't have words missing and shit!@#&*$#@

NiS -  7h1s g03s 0u7 70 y0u b3c4us3 y0u /<n0w h0w 70 74L/< w1f numb3rs.....  You are even more stupid then HFG and i wouldn't doubt if you were the same people from HFG (Hacking Faggots Galore).  I don't understand why you lashed out at us in your china hack . If you want to continue to bring gH up in your hacks and talk shit bout us, we will not hide in a little corner like the rest of the fucks you talked shit about.

RLoxley - muahaha, so you're the fat fuck on the lame tv show? gH Owns you.

Greets - gLOBAL hELL,  cha0s inc., SoulBlaze, Sleak, tq,  icbm-, kuruption, rewn, paralyse,  taylor, dynamo, becky-
Lamers - HcV, immunity/krang/f1ex, nis, lou.

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