gR337inG5.. , [The Mersonaries in Corp With Millenium Warp...!!!]

g0t r007...... wh0's n3x7.. ?? (jew will kn0w s00n...)

0p3ra7i0n D37ail5,

r00ter: Demol|sh, [The Mersonaries]
consultenet: Daze, Diz [mW]

n0w I w0uld lik3 70 c4ll 7h3 y34r 1999 45 7h3 y34r 0f H4ck3r5..

7im3 4 d4 F4Q5........

Q: y jew r00t m3 b0x.....?
A: duhhhhhhhh

Q: any1 hab any fuqs ?
A: gu355 n07... bTw thx 4 k33ping 7h3 cu5t3m3r 4ddr355 4nd f0n3 numb3r5 in d4 p455wd fil3.. i7 w0r7h 4 milli0n..

i wud lik3 70 74k3 7hi5 0p3r7uni7y 70 giv3 7hx 70 mY bUd5,
sh07 0u7 g035 70,
DazE, DiZ, VolTz, J03y__, b4ds3c70r, subss, nidnoi, bKiD, rj-, njack, n4z0, also d3wd5 @ #dreamWarez 3sp3cialy wap, hakNet and fireBall Thx 4 7h3 h0m3Site.. 4nd every0n3 3lse @ mW 4nd 4ll jew 31337 haxor5 0u7 7h3r3.. 4ls0 n07 4g3tting nickel @ #carding. :) wakeup FrankenStine, and greets to Dr Jackil

7im3 4 d4 fUs...
7h3 v3ry 1st FOs g03s 70 Da K3vin Mitnick.... [phuck k3vin and 7h3 phuck da L4m3r JayPee]
4ls0 phuck g03s 70 da phucking lesbo Bitch B.. [y0u bItch K33p Away fr0m m3 l0v3d 0n3s.]
n07 4 g3tting 4ll 7h3 l4m3rs @ Lanka Internet and SLT. ph33r i 0wn jew 4ll..

ph33r i 0wn jew 4ll
h4ppy hax0rs new year

Link 70 th3 original Site.. d0nt ph33r i didnt rm -rf. ;)