P e n t a g u a r d

He he he, looks like Diablo owns this site, but this time I have a good news 4 everybody !

After 7 hours of meditation, 7 cups of milk and 7 hours of sleep I decided to take a rest and stop hacking servers... I have many many reasons for this but I don't have the time to explain them. This is just a holiday (for a few months maybe years) not a retirement (I will be back someday :)). Till then: PeAcE to all of you!

Shouts to:

Pentaguard, §oGgY (thanx for the kewl graphX man), Demoniz, ^INDIAN, Fu  Manchu:2 (hope to see more "404" pages in the future :))), I am online (what's up with UIR ?), Infra Red, Jihad, opt1mus, mishgan, KpZ, saint, Taz... and everybody else I forgot to mention...

No damage was done, click here for the original page.

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