Every Once in a While A system Get Exploited, Doesnt mean
That It got Exploded.
                                               Demol|sh. (The Mersonaries).
got root?
                               Sp0rE (Undefined)
 to my beloved Ivy. ;)
                          rj- (DivineRite)

Via Fratelli Cervi, 201 - I-20090 Segrate (MI) - Italy

INFN - Sezione di Milano


From the main gate About LASA
    A brief description of our lab and what we do.
Projects and Departments
    A breakdown of our major projects with brief descriptions and internal link. 
    Our phone directory and contact information. 
    External links related to our work.

This page has been HACKED!
By Sp0rE & Dem0l|sh

It is nessicary that we inform you of your extremly weak security. Do not be alarmed. None of your data has been harmed. If you are concerned with your systems, please, add some stonger security. A link to the original page can be found at the bottom.
    You see, most people look at hackers as terrorists.We are not. We just have a message to get across. Had this been an actuall terrorist attack, the rm -rf command would haunt you for life. But, we are not like that. We'er actually nice people. Please, for your sake and ours, put some better security on your site. As I said before, none of your data has been harmed. Just follow the link below.

Shout outs: RLoxley, sig-term, Hacking Mersonaries, schemerz, doxical, shamrock, sektorgrrl, TRiXie, polymorph, krys, xs, diranged, and the rest of #hackphreak.

Fuck offs: Rash, JP, User420, #protocol