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The Future Is History

...again, new deceases are endangering the lives of th0usands of peOple in China..the news reads.
...t00 much p0lluti0n in the air, this must st0p, screams a GreenPeace activist acr0ss the r00m.

the questi0n is, are we fighting the right enemy here, the true enemy is n0t the p0lluti0n itself,
the true enemies are th0se wh0 let all of this shit happen with0ut d0ing anything ab0ut it, coz that
is exactly what it is, shit. The true enemies are the big c0rp0rati0ns and g0vernments all ar0und the
w0rld that make the pe0ple believe that its f0r their own g00d, well it aint.

first there was space, it g0t owned by NASA, a g0vernment c0mpany.
then there was earth, it g0t owned by g0vernment laws and shitty treaties.
after that there was peace, it g0t owned by wars c0nducted by f0reign g0vernments.

if this is g0nna c0ntinue, n0 livin s0ul on this earth shall d0ubt the fact of imminent
d0minati0n as a widely accepted fact. s0z d00ds; the era of d0minati0n is over..
t0day we fight back, we have our own 4th of july, and again we fight f0r freed0m
freed0m of b0dy, freed0m of speech, freed0m of s0ul, release thy fr0m the chains of tyranny.

and as Abraham Lic0ln once said:

'The pr0bability that we may fail in the struggle ought n0t t0 deter us fr0m the supp0rt
of a cause we believe t0 be just'

i believe we are supp0rting a cause that is just,... the cause of freed0m.

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