spl0it#@&|!   waking y0u up       m0bil oil c0mpany of c0lumbia owned

Open Your Eyes

wh0 is it that we can trust? can we trust strangers - d0 we trust our cl0sest friends?
its n0t a matter of wh0 we can trust, but one of what it w0uld be w0rth to y0u
if y0ur deepest secrets were exp0sed by the pe0ple that y0u trusted them t0? - d0 y0u
trust y0ur own g0vernment? d0 y0u trust them that much that y0u are sure they w0nt
misuse the inf0rmati0n they've g0t ab0ut y0u in their c0mputers? -Open Your Eyes-
thinking... an acti0n that a l0t of y0u pe0ple out there d0nt kn0w, y0u are one-minded
parasites that d0 whatever is c0mmanded t0 y0u with0ut first thinking if what y0u're
ab0ut t0 d0 is g00d or bad. think g0ddamnit think.-Open Your Eyes-
y0u are slaves t0 y0ur own n0t-kn0wning, y0u dont kn0w shit. the only thing y0u
kn0w is the sc0res of last night's baseball game and h0w to get a s0da outta the
frigde. st0p being owned. cant y0u see whats g0in on?-Open Your Fucking Eyes-

..0pen eyes d0 m0re then only watching..

this was a spl0it hack by
cellbl0ck & f0bic

whrdupz to

in this hack n0 files were harmed, n0 items deleted, n0 pe0ple murdered
f0r all the pe0ple wh0 stumbled up0n this page t0 get s0me inf0 on p0wer-our ap0l0gies-
but the p0wer still lies with the pe0ple and n0t in undergr0und oil reserves.