Net Card Log0wned
Net Card - The Internet Credit Card - 0wn3d

welc0me t0 the 0wn3d website of

The Net Card c0mpany Inc.

wh0 said anything b0ut stealin?

spl0it Inc. ... managin y0ur m0ney fr0m n0w on

y0u sh0uld b0w d0wn and thank us f0r lettin y0u kn0w
b0ut y0ur maj0r security h0le

all0w me t0 give y0u an example of what malici0us hackers with bad
intenti0ns c0uld have d0ne t0 this site:

they c0uld have:

made use of elite l0ggin equipment and sniffers t0 l0g all financial activity on this site and
transfer the obtained data t0 their own or other specific acc0unts or misuse the inf0rmation
l0gged by the sniffers in other ways...n0w what w0uld y0ur cust0mers think of this?

the c0mpanies that c0uld have been affected by this security breach are:

the gl0bal sh0pping netw0rk
the gl0bal design studi0s
the spyz0ne online st0re
T&M Service, Inc.

n0w w0uld be a g00d time t0 c0nsider b00stin up
y0ur gay sekurity#@#|!??

t0 give an example of s0rtalike sites running better security check:


spend y0ur m0ney on better sekurity
s0z we gave the admin a chance t0 fix it, but he didnt

hacked by the spl0it crew
cellbl0ck & f0bic

whrdupz to

in this hack n0 harm has been d0ne t0 financial transacti0ns
spl0it is n0t responsible f0r any l0ss of m0ney of cust0mers of Net Card Inc. what
can we help it y0ur sys0p is lame? - again we re-inf0rm the sys0p on the security
pr0blems, plz..d0nt make us c0me back again.
y0ur sekurity really is pathetic@#|!