oh gn0, like this is what happens if j00 play with atomic energy!#@!

It g0es b00m@#@#@# so PLEEEZE, do not fuck around, didn't you parents ever teach you manners?..

I like the world in its current state (i guess), well its better than the world would be if the b0mb went b00m...

think about it k1dz, its not clever, its not big, so don't think destruction is cool, coz its not..

If a nuclear war does start, you will be the first to scream.....

You all saw the movie WARGAMES right? well...That could have been us$#@

So India, LISTEN TO WISE OLD MILW0RM...You do not need nuclear weapons in the 1990s!#@!



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The Nuclear p0wer 0wn1ng spree continues...