spl0it@#|&...waking y0u up

May The Truth Survive

what d0 y0u think the truth is?
is it g0ing t0 w0rk every day,
watching m0vies 0n TV, grabbin
s0me f00d?

or is it trying t0 survive, running
away fr0m the wars, fr0m the misery,
the repressi0n?

why d0 pe0ple fight wars anyways?
whats the use 0f killin pe0ple?
there's n0 st0pping what cann0t be st0pped
n0 killin what cann0t be killed.

in a war, the true enemies are n0t the
s0ldiers wh0 are carrying 0ut 0rders,
but it are the 0nes wh0 0rder the s0ldiers.
I'm talkin b0ut the g0vernment, the pe0ple
wh0 d0n't dare t0 fight f0r themselves...

..y0u c0wards. c0me 0n, get real. st0p it!
war is n0t a game.. - ..wargames is a m0vie.
in m0vies pe0ple d0nt really die, they just fake.
st0p faking, tell the truth, the pe0ple have
a right t0 kn0w. peace.

kill the lies, let the truth survive!

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