T4king n0 pr1s0n3rz...Milw0rm 1998, flying high, starting new, kicking them down on the ground, hitting those teeth hard...b00m...

we 0wn y0ur military dentures, we 0wn y0ur brac3s, we 0wn your dr1llz, y0u cann0t stop the milw0rm from ploughing through you all....

Your teeth are rotten, your sys is weak, we owned your gums, and cleaned your teeth.
You have no sekurity, or dental hygiene, next thing we own is Bill C's porno machine

Th1s s1t3 w4s 0wn3d by...


The Four Man UK / US Str1ke F0rce

Greetz, n0dz and gr1nz to....

The CodeZero
#ashtray Lumberjackz