Open Your Mind, Take a Look.


First things first:
We are sorry to the system admins of this server. We have left a msg in your root directory on how to fix the exploit we used. Its sad in a way that people now a days have to go to all this trouble to get people to listen.

Are you listening?
Its not all to common that we have people in this world like Saddam Hussein, not sorry if we spelt your name wrong. Its hard to imagine for us younger people why would a man build up all of these chemical weapons that can be used to harm millions of people and how can countrys with more power then him stand and look at him and not think to take action. The United States wants to take action against him but they need the support of a few more countrys before things can happen. So we are wondering about all these other so called world powers... why is it that you wont stand with us now and stop Saddam before something "bad" happens?

You know the media and other people who are reading this hack are probably wondering why the No|d Crew the group that has bashed the United States a few times now would be writing in support for the U.S. and the truth is, the U.S. is not that bad. There are flaws with everything from computers to governments. The U.S. has done a lot of good and it has done a lot of bad.

Hmmm the other countrys out there still decideing weather or not they should stand with the U.S. against Saddam or stand on the side line while people die.... it cant be that you are afraid can it? It couldnt be that because your such great countrys, are you not? Yes people will die if we all go to war against Saddam...

But How Many More Will Die If We Dont?


If this does got to war. We hope for the best.

No|d Crew in Full Effect:

- s1ayer - Rab1d - n1ne - ra1n
- w1se - w1red - w1cked - den1al

Mad Propz to:
Code Zero,
Rhino9, L0pht, 2600, Phrack, EFF, InterCore
and everyone else trying to make a difference.

I for one would rather risk certain death then silence my voice on what needs to be said.
It starts now with each and everyone of you...

This hack was not elite at all.
Just needed a page to get our msg out.