we have a 
new look now. 

hope you enjoy. 

we've decided to 
come out with the 
truth and tell you 
that we are really 
just a capitalistic 
business in disguise. 

we really don't 
care about what 
we preach.  just 
as long as you believe 
it and give us your 
lives, we're happy. 

oh yeah.. and 
don't forget, go convert 
your friends, your 
family, and every 
complete stranger 
you can find...because 
this world won't be 
perfect until we all 
are good, obedient, 
"discipled," brainwashed, 

..and never forget 
Yes you!  You 
are a sinful and naturally 
evil person.  you can't 
exist without us to save 
your soul. 

DENY Yourself 
of any pleasure and 
maybe you can avoid 
the sins of the world. 

you can send all 
donations, remember, 
no amount is too small 
for god, and this way 
you buy your way into 
heaven, to 

you invaded my space and harassed me.
now i do unto you what you have
done to me.
two of your brainwashed followers
shoved your propaganda in my hands.
i never asked for a 30 page print out of your lies.
Blessed are the mighty-minded, for they shall
ride the whirlwinds -- Cursed are they who
teach lies for truth and truth for
lies, for they are an abomination!!
-Anton LeVay
you built me up with your wishing hell
i didn't have to sell you
you threw your money in the pissing well
you do just what they tell you
REPENT, that's what i'm talking about
i shed the skin to feed the fake
REPENT, that's what i'm talking about
whose mistake am i anyway?
cut the head off
grows back hard
i am the hydra
now you'll see your star
prick your finger it is done
the moon has now eclipsed the sun
the angel has spread his wings
the time has come for bitter things
the time has come it is quite clear
our antichrist
is almost here....
-marilyn manson
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now don't go flaming marilyn manson for this.  it is our own doing. (name calling isn't a very christian thing to do anyway.)  neither the man, nor the music
has taken control of our impressionable (oh yes, of course, we forgot that we can't think for ourselves) teenage minds.
we don't want to go kill our parents or our loved ones or ourselves as you like to think he makes us do.

we just seek truth, not forced lies.
we live our given lives not for some later promised heaven, but for the beauty of life itself.
our lives are the most precious things we have.  we refuse to deny that from ourselves.
we follow our own beliefs, not those found in a book or preached to us.

we are our own gods; we are our own devils.
we are responsible for both halves.

you refuse that responsibility.
you nailed your own god up to a cross so that  he could suffer for your sins, not his own.
you sing his praise and glory because now you are free of responsibility for your sins.

we refuse to give in and to let you have your way with us.
we will not let you rape us; we will not let you control us.
we will not let you strip us of our lives.  we will be ourselves.