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In May 1995, the 5 nuclear weapons states - China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, pledged to
"exercise utmost restraint" in nuclear testing. That commitment was made to 173 other countries at the Nuclear
Non-Proliferation (NPT) conference in New York.
Unfortunately, 3 days later, China tested a nuclear weapon underground at Lop Nor, and another in August. In early
September, France tested a nuclear weapon in the South Pacific, leading to world protests and a decline in sales of French
products abroad. Both countries plan more nuclear tests in 1995.
In the past atmospheric testing released radioactive fall- out contaminating people in many countries. Underground testing can
also cause unplanned radioactive releases, even more damaging to the environment.
Considering safety of the people, if China continues nuclear testing, other Asian nations may use this as an excuse to also
demand the right to develop their own nuclear weapons.
The Chinese people rightly hope for a world free from the terror of nuclear war. But every nuclear explosion renews the cloud
of fear that has plagued two generations around the globe.
Today, the real sign of power is to renounce weapons of mass destruction.