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The challenge "Crack a Mac" is back in its next generation. For the second time infinit information AB challenges all the hackers of the world to attack our Macintosh webserver "Hacke". During the first challenge we were given no reason to doubt the security of the system, and now "Hacke" is back to prove that even with several extra features a Mac OS Webserver is completely safe.

This time Hacke is setup with all the features that were previously asked for. He can now be remotely administrated, he hosts databases and - there is much more. Read all about the server details on the separate page about the setup.

Our main objective is to provide you with an exciting challenge and - of course - once again try to prove the great security of Mac OS.

The challenge is back, the money is back and you are back! Let the cracking begin. The first successful try - if any - to change the content of this main page, will be generously awarded with SEK 100.000.

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Welcome back to Crackers Paradise!

Ogle This:

This has been quite a challenge.

But then what would you expect from a Mac. The OS is Rock Solid and enthroned on a pretty funky system.

I will hopefully own one very soon....

Once the appropriate considerations have been addressed by the administrators of this site, I hope they will continue the quest. They have every reason to be confident...

Perhaps APPLE will take the hint and support people like Joakim. He and his current sponsors richly deserve a pat on the back. Few people have the guts to pull it off...

ps: You know I can't answer the obvious, so please, don't ask.




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