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This is a Department of Defense (DoD) interest computer system. All DoD computer systems are subject to monitoring at all times to ensure proper functioning of equipment and systems, including security devices, to prevent unauthorized use and violations of statutes and security regulations, to deter criminal activity, and for other similar purposes. If monitoring of this or any other DoD computer system reveals possible evidence of violation of criminal statutes, this evidence and any other related information, including identification information about the user may be provided to law enforcement officials.
Lemme break that down for thy lame mangor. What they trying to say is if you fuck with the DoD then they get pissed and probably come after you and try to rock your fr0. greenbar.gif (1903 bytes)
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They say the truth is out there, but nobody wants to hear the thruth! It's funny how people go through life searching for the truth yet when they find it they wish the had not search for it. People want the truth yes but when they hear it they wish they had not. People dont want to know the truth that they are to fat, to ugly or that their daughter who has been missing for 3 years was found dead. The truth is a virus and people dont want to get it. They dont want to get sick from the the virus that is truth. Live & Deal with the truth because sooner or later you will have to face it.greenbar.gif (1903 bytes)
Man if Orwell could see it today. If he could see that Big Brother is no longer watching but acting. If he could see the injustices setforth by our government.


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No Not That One But The Other One That Is No One Cause He Someone.