Some Useful Links To Get You Started

You can learn all about gov't corruption here. Learn the secrets that they don't know want you to know. Well not
really, I don't have time for that.

But trust me it's true. Take the time, and learn the truth
yourself. After all
information should
always be free. Trust your mind not someone else's.

And Finally, send email to President Clinton and tell him what you really think of him

This Is What your gov't is doing to you everyday

The thing is we all support the government whether we want to or not, as we pay taxes, etc. Why do we do this? Well the fact is we do this because we are told we have no choice, well the fact is we do have a choice, this gov't was founded on personal freedom.

Why should we give that up, for a congress of immoral greedy politicians? For a president that would be in jail other than for executive privledge. America was once a great nation, make it so again, fight back, and make this country proud again.

Or send email to the real president, President Hillary

For all you government web monkey fuckers, why not try out the internet security survey at
not TAKE the survey but look at it, its a paper

Remember Everything The Government Tells You Is Bullshit

And Kiddies, Santa Claus Doesn't Really
Exist, Just another myth along with the Easter Bunny