[99.08.21] NT [139_r00ted]           3D Computer Kft. (www.ddd.hu)
[99.08.23] NT [139_r00ted]           Concept Reseau (www.concept-reseau.fr)
[99.08.23] NT [139_r00ted]           Phoenix Data Systems (www.phoenixds.at)
[99.08.24] NT [139_r00ted]       M   Scanres (SE) (www.scanres.se)
[99.08.25] NT [139_r00ted]       M   IT Media Design (www.itmediadesign.com)
[99.08.29] NT [139_r00ted]           7th Army Training Command, Bavaria, Germany (www.cmtc.7atc.army.mil)
[99.09.10]    [139_r00ted]       M   1499 (www.1499.com)
[99.09.10] NT [139_r00ted]           Strategic Information Solutions, Inc. (www.sis.net)
[99.09.11] NT [139_r00ted]           Malaysian Science and Technology Information Centre (www.mastic.gov.my)
[99.09.12] NT [139_r00ted]           HealthCare Transaction Processors (www.htp-inc.com)
[99.09.12] NT [139_r00ted]       M   InterDiscount Switzerland (www.interdiscount.ch)
[99.09.14] NT [139_r00ted]           Agape (www.agape.ne.jp)
[99.09.15] NT [139_r00ted]           L'Association des maires de France (www.amf.asso.fr)
[99.09.17] NT [139_r00ted]           Lesoff Co. (www.lesoff.co.za)
[99.09.18] NT [139_r00ted]           Pietersburg (www.pietersburg.org.za)
[99.09.19] NT [139_r00ted]         B Bank of Uganda (www.bou.or.ug)
[99.09.22] NT [139_r00ted]           Electronic Data Systems (www.eds-ms.com)
[99.09.22] NT [139_r00ted]           Hoffman Bikes (www.hoffmanbikes.com)
[99.09.26] NT [139_r00ted]           State of Utah Resource WEB (www.surweb.org)
[99.09.30] NT [139_r00ted]           PanAmSat Corporation (www.panamsat.com)
[99.10.02] NT [139_r00ted]           Medical U.Penn (ebdc.med.upenn.edu)
[99.10.03] Li [139_r00ted]           Learning Ware (www.learningware.com)
[99.10.05] NT [139_r00ted]           Project EASI (easi.ed.gov)
[99.10.05] NT [139_r00ted]           Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade (www.ff.bg.ac.yu)
[99.10.05] NT [139_r00ted]           Centar za Magnetnu Rezonanciju, Klinickog Centra Srbije (www.mrc.kcs.ac.yu)
[99.10.30] NT [139_r00ted]           ImmoSuisse (www.immosuisse.ch)
[99.10.30] NT [139_r00ted]           Kid Shop (www.kidshop.com)
Total Defacements:  27