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                        blah blah blah

- smashing pumpkins on the radio. saw them at the Berlin center at MSU 
  this year (i think). sucky concert.

- gavin is not a musician. he's a media puppet.

- 419 f.u.c.k. files = 3.33 megs.

- se7en owes me 100 bux for phone bills. which he emailed my roomate and 
  told he was sending to me via money order. two weeks ago. which (shock 
  shock) hasn't arrived.

- people magazine did a story on "tall" actresses. not one of them weighs 
  over a buck, i'm guessing. 

- my feet are cold.

- inverse's story on 'fuckin' tech support' pissed me off. but then i 
  remember its guys like him who such geniuses that they still call tech 
  support(!). (bad move calling people who work at radio shack and office 
  max tech support.)  you are the reason alt.tech-support.recovery exists.

- this goes along with the "nt specialists" who called me today to help 
  him install RAS.

- same goes to the "unix guru" who didn't know what ftp was and was 
  shipping 16 meg files via email. through netscape.

- "system administrators" and "computer consultants" are oxymoronic.

- i get to see Sarah Mclachlan Nov 30. w00pie!

- i miss the 80's.

- i haven't seen "south park" yet.

- i have missed all the new episodes of 'king of the hill", "x-files", 
  "party of five" and "Melrose place" this season.

- i am 3/4 of the way reading through "tcp/ip system administration" and 
  yet i don't have a system to admin.

- yet.

- three frappicino's, one large mocha, two cans of diet coke do not = 
  happy stomach.

- Thursday's date = a se7en look-a-like (shiver), who drove a beemer, wore 
  wingtips AND who was intensely boring.

- Friday's date = hot stud with killer body and fuckable cologne and a nice 
  neck AND great kisser, who star-gazed with me  and drank corona's.  a nice 
  guy. (which means I won't hear from him again). i think i *scared* him 
  with my aggressiveness.

- Saturday night my friend Cass and I drank a six each of harps and 
  Corona's.  we fucked.

- Monday @ work  we both regret Saturday night.

- wow.simunye.com has been up since mid-September. all that is sitting on 
  the server is the mirror to f.u.c.k. , bukowski, writings and intro pages. 
  yet incredible amount of people email me to tell me how neat-o it is.

- am flying to ory-gon in a few weeks to see my friend greg.

- stone roses rock my world.

- nietzche is boring.

- so is ayn rand.

- spending 100 bux at the M.A.C. counter does not = happiness.

- Danny found strength within himself to accept it was over.

- therefore he is fucking Michelle till something better come's along.

- Chad looked like Eddie Vedder.

- green day is passe.

- well defined jaw lines/necks are sexy.

- guys who look like they are pregnant do not.

- aggressive guys are sexy.

- passive ones are not

- ee cummings rox

- as does sylvia plath.

- people who say 'ciao' and do not live in Europe should be beaten heavily 
  till stiff.

- people who fuck around their partners need to be shot.

- same thing with people who are pathological liars.

- the go-go's were a *good* band.

- child proof lighters. are not.

- it truly does snow in April

- i am not a vampire

- IRC = i.diots r.eally c.heap

- sweatpants = Sunday best

- map of the human heart is a killer movie

- devil's advocate is not.

- madness of a seduced woman should be read any romantic

- chumbawamba = "music" group that needs to be shot

- diet coke = life saving sustanence

- bob codes rock.

- geek codes do not.

- soda is not soda. its pop.

- chevy's fajita's rule.

- guacamole is disgusting.

- tall+intelligent+smart+hip+cute+male does not exist

- forever ='s 6 months. give or take.

- time goes by faster then we think it does


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