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                           Men are children

That's correct. My title isn't off. No, I am not femi-nazi bitch from hell.
Men are children pure and simple.

And where do I get off with this lovely piece of anthology? Simple. I have
dated enough men, all various backgrounds, to prove my theory correct. 

Now, this really depends on what kind of woman YOU are. If you are a simple
minded, whiny, can't move a muscle without a yes or a no from your man,
then obviously, men are not children to you. They dominate you, even the
weak ones, because of the high amount of insecurities they have.

On the flipside, if your strong minded, independent, and have a brain,
figuring out men is a piece of cake.

Where does my evidence come from? Like I said, I have dated enough men,
with various backgrounds to make this assumption. My proof is in the
pudding (an obviously how many of my ex's still want me back). Call me
conceited, call me a bitch, tell me to pull the poker out of my ass, I care
not young jealous person. For if I wasn't right, I wouldn't be putting my
proof down on paper.

How are men like children?

Lets look at my bf. He's an intelligent guy. His degree is from a fairly
prestigious university. He is a 'computers security expert'.  He is well
known and feared in his work.  He is arrogant, objectivistic, snobby and
very opinionated. But give me five minutes, and he is on his knee's in front
of me.

In order to get what you want from men, you coddle them. They put up with
this 'macho male attitude' bullshit day in and day out all of their lives.
And when they date women, they have become so accustomed to being 'pricks'
that they feel that they have to be dominate in the relationship as well.
If they meet a semi-strong or higher woman, they instantly back away and
call her everything from 'illogical' to 'irrational' to 'femi-nazi bitch'!
Why? Because a 'strong' woman can see through that bullshit in less then
five minutes. We are an attack to their system, and they in turn, put all
the defenses up to deal with it.

Men in general, from my studies of my own relationships and others
reletionships, have a hard time defining who they are. Media has warped
them so badly into being this 'male macho man' that they literally will
have to be the almighty prick from hell in order to function.  They 'need'
release, but to admit that they are 'weak' or 'submissive' in any field:
bedroom, personal life, what have you, is to stipulate they are failures,
and heaven forbid that a male be a failure at something in his life.  And
when women, in general, find out that the man is 'submissive', they
generally do not want a relationship with him. Women for the most part have
been bred to want the Marlboro Man, and to date RuPaul, is a little

Men are for the most part, bred to search and destroy. Look at all the mind
fuck games, the using, the abusing, and the other bullshit they do. Now
women are NOT immune to this type of attitude at all, but I am not talking
about how women are children, I am talking about men. Women for the most
part are catty bitches, but that is another rant.

Lets superimpose a guy, no names, not a real person. We will call him
George. George is very successful at what he does. He is highly
intelligent, very strong willed in his daily life, but, he dates mostly
'weak' women. He mindfucks them because its 'easy' and women are dumb
enough to let him do it. Women for the most part all want this fantasy guy
who will not only take charge of their life, but also will take charge in
the bedroom and personal life. This is pure crap. If the man shows any
amount of 'sensitivity', the woman bitches and screams about it. If he
doesn't, she whines about how her bf/fiancee/husband is insensitive to her
needs and out comes the divorce. 

Is it any wonder that our roles in reletionships are so fucked? We ALL have
been bred to believe one thing or another from the time we are tiny tots,
and when we get old enough to make decisions, to make choices, we usually
fuck them up because we don't know what is real and what is fantasy. 

Now George flops in and out of reletionships. He meets intelligent women,
sure, there are plenty of them out there, but 'strong' women? Those are few
and far between. Someone who will not only put up with the 'bullshit' but
will also break him, if need to, to get the job done. This is no easy task.
The woman George falls in love with, has to be damned sure she wants this
type of responsibility, because if not, he will be more scared for life.
And he will in the future 'mindfuck' helpless women because he was so
badly hurt from said relationship.  He needs release, and only will a
strong woman be able to give it to him.

Now many of you will think of this is shit, but that is your personal
opinion.  I have noticed, on various lists that I am on, that I if make a
rather 'independent' or 'strong' comment, I am instantly attacked. As one
woman said, its akin to having your hair pulled in the third grade. Guys do
NOT know what to do with women like me, they are enchanted on one hand
because I can usually break them in about five minutes, or they are pissed
off at me because I can break them in about five minutes. Depending on who
the person is, I can usually break them or figure them out, within (you
guessed it) five minutes. Strong women -are- a threat. Lord knows why, but
men never fail to amuse me. Bash me publicly on the list but try and seduce
me privately off list. Its such a joke its not even funny anymore. I just
toss the private mail with the rest of the losers mail for posterity.

Now the way through a strong man's 'heart' is fuck with him.. literally.
Don't take no shit from him. When he picks on you, beat him to the punch
and argue back. If he says something that bothers you, try and talk it out,
if that doesn't work, tell him to fuck off. Don't make yourself available
to him. Other women do that already. Make yourself as humanly unavailable
as you can,even if its not the truth. Be a challenge. Be yourself. And if
you are yourself, then he will fall more easily then a plucked apple. I
realize this is a contradiction, how can you 'be yourself' but yet mind
fuck him? It is easy my friends, because it has to be part of your persona
already, or it won't work.

Coddle him, treat him like he's the only one. Make him submit to you. Train
him to your way of sexual desires. Be a bitch when he's naughty and be a
loving wench when's he good. And never be afraid to spank his little red

The downside to this is that majority, if not all, of the males I have meet
react quit violently to this theory. I don't blame them, because in a
sense, if someone told me something about myself, that was inherently true,
I would and have reacted violently. You don't want anyone knowing your
secret innermost thoughts, desires or feelings known, because that is a
vulnerability, which can be dangerous. It is like hacking a box. If you
pinpoint something that is obscure, you can be powerful with your
information. And is it any wonder that 'hacking' brains is so dangerous.
You could (and I have personally) really fuck someone up with that kind of

And this my friends, is how men are like children. You have to either be
stern like his mother was or be a whore like his favorite fantasy.  As
stated before, men are apt to be generally so confused as to what their
roles are, they need someone, like me, to sort them out for them, just like
children have to be taught how to define things for themselves. Its like
parenting, with the added bonus of sex. ;)


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