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                         The Dirt on Satanism
Intro:  Ok, I will be doing this text in three different parts.  The
first part will be a run down of Satanism Ethics, then the difference
between Satanism and Christianity, and finally the difference between the
two sects of Satanism.

|  Part I |

     The Church of Satan was founded in 1968 by Anton Szandor LaVey.  This
religion is based on the indulgence's of man.  Quite simply the main rule is
"Do what you want as long as you don't hurt others."  No, there isn't baby
killing or cannabalism.  The nine Satanic Statements are as follows:

1.  Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence!

2.  Satan represents vital existence, instead of spiritual pipe dreams.

3.  Satan represents undefiled wisdom, instead of hypocritical self-deceit.

4.  Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted
    on ingrates.

5.  Satan represents vengeance, instead of turning the other check.

6.  Satan represents responsibility to the responsible, instead of concern
    for psychic vampires.

7.  Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often
    worse than those that walk on all fours, who, because of his "divine
    spiritual and intellectual development," has become the most vicious
    animal of all!

8.  Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical
    mental, or emotional gratification!

9.  Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as he kept it in
    business all these years.

    So what does a Satanist believe about the afterlife?  Well a member of
the Church of Satan doesn't think that there is an afterlife.  See the COS
is built around the now and the living.  The term Satan is used to represent
all the things that the christian church has deemed unacceptable.  The
best example of this is couples that Swing(For those of you that don't know
what that means, they are committed to each other mentally but physically
they have other partners.)  All churches that follow christ see this as a
sin.  The COS says that if both couples are willing to live there lives that
way then they should have the right to do that.

     Why the term 'Satanism'?  Well the semantic meaning of Satan is the
"adversary" or "opposition" or the "accuser."  The basis of the COS goes
against most if not all theories of the christian church. When you suppress
you natural emotion which is basic instinct you are causing yourself both
physical and mental harm.  The release of these temptations are where the
ceremonies come into play.  We are all guilty of doing the seven deadly sins
to say that you haven't means that you are a liar.  Whether you ask for
forgiveness or not of these sins is not the concern because in all honesty
your god has yet to answer whether you are forgiven or not.  Hence you
could be damned to hell just like I am in your eyes.

     Satanism revolves around yourself, no need to put belief into something
that may or may not exist.  If all the religions out there put the faith that
they have in there higher power into themselves I believe that the world
would be a better place.

| Part II  |

     Many people think that Satanism is nothing more of a sect of
Christianity and Christianity is nothing but a sect of Jewism.  The current
Satanist doesn't sacrifice unbaptised children or helpless animals.  We do
not rape or kill in the name of a "God" we do not go out on the street
corners and preach our gospel.  We let the masses come to us and the masses
have been coming.

     One of the biggest differences between the christians and the members of
the COS is the repression of natural desires.  To totally be void of all
of the "seven" deadly sins means that you would not be human.  The number
one motivator in this world is greed, whether it be legitimate or not, we all
want the things that we cannot have.  If you are not greedy or jealous than
you will never succeed in life and you will be a parasite on society.  If
you are not prideful than you wouldn't be wearing clothes that would have
logo's or would be more than necessary to keep you warm.  If we were not
glutony than we wouldn't be stuffing ourselves during Thanksgiving dinner,
I always smile when I am at a persons house at Thanksgiving and they pray
and thank Christ for their feast when in fact they are committing a sin
against the supposed god they worship.

     When a Christian commits a sin or an act that is un-Christian like they
will ask their god for forgiveness.  Then they will turn around and
indefiantly re-commit the same sin over and over again.  How degrading it
must be to take and confess to a clergy of what you have done.  In the
Satanic religion, if you are truly sorry you will take steps to prevent from
doing that sin over and over again, if you are not it would be fruitless to
say "I will never do it again." When in your heart of hearts you know you
will commit that crime/sin again.

| Part III |

     Now I will take two representatives from the two different churches of
satanism to conclude this text.  The Black Pope Anton LaVey, the leader of
The Church of Satanism and Dean Adams a.k.a. Lord Slayer, Master of The
Unholy Death Trinity.  The assumption that Christian Satanism and Satanism
are the same is like believing that the Church of the Later-Day Saints and
the Catholic Church are one in the same.  The churches differ on the
backgrounds of the leaders, their lifestyles, life sacrifice and the

     I believe that the backgrounds of the leaders of those two different
churches is very important to understanding of their thinking.  LaVey was
raised by his grandmother, and at the age of fifteen LaVey dropped out of
high school and joined the San Francisco Symphony Ballet, he was appointed
to the second chair oboist.  When the symphony went bankrupt LaVey did odd
jobs all the while writing "The Satanic Bible" on the 30th of April on the
year 1966cc he then proceeded to shave his head and started the Church of

     Adam's childhood was noticeably different than LaVey's. Having no
direction Adam's childhood is shrouded in secrecy he dropped out of High
School for lack of motivation.  On October 31st on the year of 1990ac Adams
burned an inverted cross and proclaimed war on Christianity, he then started
The Unholy Death Trinity.  For approximately five years Adams proceeded to
kidnap christians coming out of their church of choice and tortured them
until they denied Jesus Christ as their savior.  Adams is currently in jail
serving a fifty year sentence for his crimes.

     The first point of difference of these two Satanic leaders is lifestyle.
Causing pain is what Adams lives by.  This is quite evident by examining his
most infamous quote that he wrote to me, Adams said "The only thing in
reality is death and pain."  While not only hurting everyone Adams comes in
contact with, he also preaches this too his followers.  LaVey believes that
someone wanting to instigate physical harm is making up for lack of
intelligence. The next point of interest is love.  Adams doesn't feel that
love is an actual human emotion.  Adams theory is that the only forms of
affection is lust. Society makes this idea of love and it is all false
propaganda.  LaVey's view is that humans have evolved and can feel emotions
that other animals can't, a good example of this is pity.  He believes that
someone can exclusively love someone and be completely happy.  The laws that
a member of Adams church must live by is to be the most diabolical as
possible and to go against all "good" instincts.  As far as the Church of
Satan their members must follow the law "Do what you want as long as you
don't hurt others."

     The biggest concept that is associated with Satanism is animal and human
sacrifice.  Adams believes in sacrificing a lamb once a month to show his
hate towards Christ.  His church also sacrifices animals for every occasion
possible; birthdays, Halloween and even death.  Lavey thing that spilling
of animal blood is used as a need for violence and is unnecessary.  Dean
Adams won't confirm nor deny that his church actually does human sacrifice,
even when I asked him directly.  Usually Christian Satanist do human
sacrifice for renewal of faith in Satan.  LaVey says in the Satanic Bible
on page 88 "The only time a Satanist would perform a human sacrifice is to
dispose of a totally obnoxious and deserving individual."

     The afterlife for the followers of the Unholy Death Trinity is what
their religion is based on.  When one joins the Unholy Death Trinity his
name is changed for what it will be when he descends into Hades.  Hence Dean
Adams blessed himself with the name Lord Slayer.  I have seen names such as
Diabolical Slaughter and Apocalyptic Warlord, or my favorite Vagina Eater.
So when a member of there church dies they will become a baron of Hades when
they arrive.  LaVey believes that everyone has their own vision of the
afterlife.  He doesn't claim to know what is beyond grave.

     These are just a few points that these two factions disagree on.  It is
evident that these two groups of beliefs aren't even barley close.  With
their disagreeing on lifestyles and life sacrifice which are the two maim
things that most people would think they agree on.  I feel their differences
are not uncommon and that a lot of people have taken sides with either Adams
or LaVey. I feel that it is time to change all this stereotypical attitude
on Satanism and not to talk about what you think you know without knowing it.


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