Attacks Spur Intrusion-Detection Efforts
5/28/98; 12:00 PM EST
By Rutrell Yasin, InternetWeek 

Corporate America's key asset -- intellectual property -- is at risk.

Of the 320 Fortune 1000 companies interviewed by WarRoom, 69 percent
were the targets of information espionage last year, while 53 percent
reported attacks in 1996, according to Mark Gembicki, president of

To protect their corporate assets, 68 percent of the "targeted"
companies implemented some form of intrusion-detection technology to
safeguard their computer networks. In 1996, only 27 percent of the
respondents had implemented intrusion-detection technology.

Nearly 84 percent of the companies WarRoom surveyed expressed an
interest in the technology, but only 31 percent expressed any level of
confidence in these tools' performance, according to Gembicki.