Title: FBI finds hackers can't resist a government agency
Subtitle: Latest survey shows that upset employees and angry
          citizens are sabotaging agency systems more often
Author: Kevin Power
Source: Government Computer News


   During the past 12 months, government Internet abusers cost their
employers about $270,000 in financial losses and unauthorized access
incidents cost agencies another $72,000, the FBI said.
   "From most of what we've seen, it's been disgruntled employees or people
with an ax to grind," said George Grotz, an FBI special agent with the
bureau's San Francisco office. Whereas 70 percent of attacks used to occur
from within, greater Internet access has brought greater vulnerability,
Grotz said.
   The report is the second annual survey by FBI's Internation Computer
Crime Squad in San Francisco and CSI. Survey results forr the government
incidents were based on responses from agency security officials.

Rising criminal tide
   The survey said agencies' Internet connections were the prime government
target; 46 percent reported Internet security incidents.
   As for other major security problems, 61 percent of agencies reported
viruses, 21 percent reported systems  penetration incidents, 38 percent
cited notebook thefts, 18 percent reported telecommunication fraud and
10 percent reported data or network sabotages.
   As for systems attacks, 29 percent of the agencies reported internal
systems problems and another 17 percent cited problems with remote dial-in
   Grotz said the FBI has worked hard to improve security awareness and is
urging agencies to report all attacks. But the survey showed that 19.5
percent of agencies did not know whether their systems had been compomised
to unauthorized users, and Grotz said too many organizations opt not to
report security breaches.