This is a dialogue of Lyger and Zodiac debating on the significance of an errata point. We're _that_ determined to bring you all the errata your eye holes can handle. In order to surpass proprietary 3072-bit Attrition On-Line encryption which we cribbed from hax0ring the latest Gibson at Ft. Meade, Zodiac had to kill a man and make love to his corpse to bribe Jericho into giving him the requisite key.


>> Lyger points out:
Sweet. Also, point to ponder:

"Microsoft's IM network is the most popular target, with 62 percent of all attacks detected in the third quarter hitting MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger, IMlogic said. America Online's system is second on the list, with 31 percent affecting AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) or ICQ. Only 7 percent of the reported threats went after Yahoo Messenger users, according to IMlogic."

62+31+7 = 100. So there are no other IM clients in the world that are attacked? Maybe not, but worth considering?

>> Zodiac offers:
Your math prowess is undeniable, but it's not something I'm really worried about. My guess is that these are rounded up from percentanges, nothing with such a big population works out that simply. So it might look something like:

MS = 61.6%
AIM = 30.7%
YM = 6.5%
X = An unknown quantity of other IM clients/networks

MS + AIM + YM = 98.8%, 100 - 98.8 = 1.2%

1.2% / X = Market share < 1%

>> Lyger responds:
Ha! I'm sure you're right about the rounding of numbers, but the implication is still there that no other IM clients are targeted. Maybe not obvious or even a large concern, but a touch of errata there nonetheless.

>> Zodiac resigns:
Heh, I'll add this to the errata entry.


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