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Riding the wave of HIPAA and HITECH, Jon Lybrook of WordSecure resorts to sending HTML-laden spam to advertise his company / service, again.

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Subject: Your clients need HIPAA Security- WordSecure delivers it
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WordSecure Secure Messaging - The easiest way to send information securely!


        The easiest way to send information securely.


As a HIPAA or IT security consultant, you already know the importance of securing 
Protected Health Information (PHI). The national standards set forth by the Department 
of Health and Human Services under HIPAA and HITECH Act are in place to protect and to 
create better confidentiality for patients. Your medical clients are faced with 
enormous fines or jail time for non-compliance. Do you have all the tools 
necessary to help them attain a high level of HIPAA Security Rule compliance?

WordSecure is the most affordable and secure way to send private messages regarding 
confidential matters. It is a cloud-based, secure messaging system that provides a 
solution to non-secure email for your clients and their patients.

By becoming a WordSecure partner and authorized reseller, you can help clients achieve 
and maintain HIPAA Security Rule standards while creating additional profit for your 
business. Your clients may not completely understand the importance of HIPAA, but they 
need solutions, so that's where your role comes in as a Security Consultant and 
WordSecure Authorized Reseller.

This is a TWOFOLD OPPORTUNITY for you to obtain WordSecure FREE to use and demonstrate 
to your clients how easy it is to prevent the liabilities inherent in emailing PHI. At 
the same time, you will earn generous commissions and residual earnings every time one 
of your clients signs up for or renews their subscription with WordSecure.

WordSecure customers are delighted with the ease of use and how it allows them to keep 
in alignment with HIPAA regulations at a low cost, providing both them and their 
patients extra peace of mind.

You can explain to your clients that it only takes a few minutes to implement this 
enhanced patient communication system. WordSecure is:

        * An easy-to-use program with nothing to install
        * A safe and effective way to correspond with clients
        * A simple solution requiring no IT support
        * Encrypted on both the sender's and receiver's sides
        * Customizable with options to include your logo and branding
        * A low-cost tool for promoting HIPAA and HITECH compliance
        * Superior security and protection

This affordable, turnkey system is an easy tax write-off for your clients that can 
reciprocate big dividends back to your business. These days, who couldn't use an extra 
value-added program to make their business work smarter? You can begin to incorporate 
WordSecure into your preferred vendor list right now!

Please contact me personally today to discuss how we might work together.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Jon Lybrook
Managing Partner
WordSecure, LLC
Boulder, CO USA
https://wordsecure.com [wordsecure.com]
Toll Free: 1-877-878-6798 ext. 705

P.S. To create a free account and see our system, first-hand click here to create a 
Demo Account on WordSecure [wordsecure.com] and communicate with me securely. It's free 
and there is no obligation.

If you wish to be omitted from future notifications let us know [wordsecure.com]. We will 
see to it your request is handled promptly.

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