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                                                                   Restoring Trust to the Internet

                                                                            February 2006


Help us out...

You are invited to take this opportunity to help us test a new solution called TrustMe, and to provide us with some feedback on your experience. As a way of
showing our appreciation, we are also giving away an iPod Nano to one lucky person who answers our questionnaire.

TrustMe is a revolutionary new mutual authentication product designed to bring trust, confidence and security back to online shopping and banking. TrustMe
dramatically reduces the incidence of internet fraud, identity theft, and phishing, enabling you to authenticate web sites prior to and after logging in.


How it works...

When you access a trusted web site, a pop up box will appear in the lower right hand corner of your computer screen. The pop up box will include a picture and
a sound you have picked from a list when you registered. Only you know the picture and the sound you have selected, so you can immediately trust that you are
on one of the over 500 popular sites that are part of the TrustMe Network.

Why is this type of technology important? Well, according to the FTC survey report, 10 million US citizens were identity fraud victims last year and averaged
having to pay between $500 and $1200 and spend 30 to 60 hours cleaning it up.

Please note that for this to work you must have the following two (2) things:

 *  Access to the Internet
 *  Microsoft Internet Explorer

News Source

By joining the TrustMe Network, you can authenticate over 500 of the top banking and commercial websites as being legitimate before you give them your
sensitive personal information.

Please follow these 3 steps to help us out:

1) Please follow the subsequent link to install TrustMe on your computer, and simply follow the instructions. http://www.trustme-  If you
need addition information, we have included a step-by-step document for your convenience to help guide you through the installation, registration, and use of
TrustMe located at: http://www.trustme-

2) Test TrustMe by surfing to Royal Bank Online Banking Login Screen to show what happens when you go to an online banking site.

3) Finally, after downloading and trying TrustMe, please take our survey where you will be entered to win an iPod Nano. The more information you provide, the
more feedback we can use to improve the product. Here is the survey: Survey Website

For more information on TrustMe, please visit

[LINK] TrustMe Live[LINK][LINK]

Thank you again for your time and support in addressing this serious issue that affects millions yearly.

The TrustMe-LIVE Team
VE Networks Inc.

phone: 1-888-2-TrustMe


Win an iPod Nano!

Take a test-drive of TrustMe-LIVE and you could have a chance to win an iPod Nano!

Contest is open to all users who have downloaded and installed the TrustMe-LIVE software and is limited to one entry per person.

Check it out now...

Contest Expires: Thursday February 9/2006


     [080E1817001B111A1D32130606001B061B1D1C5C1D00150E43404343434A0E430E430E420E08.aspx] The TrustMe-LIVE Team - VE Networks Inc.  500 St. George St.  Moncton,
                                                                              NB E1C 1Y3

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