Sunny Vaghela / TechDefence Spam to Brag About Winning Ethical Award

Fri Jun 29 13:08:36 CDT 2012

In response to being award as "India's Best Ethical Hacking & IT Security Company" by NBC, Sunny Vaghela of TechDefence sends out a huge batch of unsolicited emails asking people to register to vote for a people's award. This batch was sent to 94 addresses starting with krutarth_m[at] and ending at manthan_patel15[at] The addresses were in alphabetic order and had clearly been scraped, as they included a staff member of that has no business relationship with Vaghela or TechDefence. We assume Vaghela doesn't see the irony in resorting to unethical spamming to brag about this award.

From: sunny vaghela (
To: Vishal Panchal (
Cc: [94 addresses redacted]
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 18:25:33 +0530
Subject: VOTE FOR TECHDEFENCE - World Education Awards 2012
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Dear All,

Greetings from TechDefence.

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that* TechDefence* has been
awarded as *India's Best Ethical Hacking & IT Security Company by NBC at
Mumbai on 1st May 2012.* It is again proud moment to share with you all
that we have also been nominated for *World Education Awards 2012 for Best
Private Sector Initiatives
*Public Choice Voting Process is Open Now..We request you to help us by
giving your valuable vote for TechDefence.*

Kindly go to the following link below and fill in the correct details in
the form and select register.

*Link :*

Once after competing registration process on the above mentioned link, You
will get a confirmation mail with form completion link.

Kindly click on the same and select* BEST TRAINING PROVIDER For WORKING

Select Second last option which says* HackTrack-A National Level Workshop
Series on Ethical Hacking & Information Security*.

Press *"VOTE  NOW"* button given at footer to for us.

Hope you all shall comply and do the above mentioned steps and help us
winning in the award.

Your contribution is highly appreciable .

Thanking & Regards,

Sunny Vaghela
Director & CTO,
TechDefence - An Award Winning Ethical Hacking & IT Security Company
Ahmedabad - 380007
Mobile: +91 9712122122
Phone(O): +91 79 40047405

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