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Subject: Is Your Computer Safe?  Get StrongHold Computer Backup Today!


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Get Stronghold today and let our comprehensive, easy-to-use system do the work of 
managing and protecting your digital assets. You can even try Stronghold FREE* for 30-days. 
We're confident that once you've used our product, you'll feel more secure than ever about your 
online activity. Plus, you'll enjoy easy access to your data and total control over how you want 
to share any file, big or small.


Stronghold is a pioneer and technology leader in online backup - dedicated to service consumers, 
small and medium businesses and IT/managed service providers. Stronghold Online Backup delivers 
a simple yet powerful online backup service that has become the industry's top award winner, 
including Laptop Magazine's Editor's Choice and PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award since 2006.

At Stronghold, we believe your backup should be set up once, and then work automatically. Our 
product works seamlessly so you never have to remember to back up. You can recover your files 
from our servers with just a few clicks.

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