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Marginally a 'security' company. Same spam also sent on Aug 16, 2011, and a 'remove' request sent immediately after.

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Subject: South Africa Laptop Theft at All Time High - Don't be a victim!
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Your computers are a target for theft. But you don't have to be a

Our award PC PhoneHome and MacPhoneHome is the NUMBER ONE
stand-alone computer tracking and recovery software in the world
to both the Windows and Mac communities! We are currently protecting
over 1,500,000 computers worldwide.

Every time a PC PhoneHome or MacPhoneHome protected computer
makes an Internet connection, it sends a stealth email message
containing its exact location to a pre-determined email address
of the user's choice and to our Worldwide Command Center.

In the event your computer goes missing, all you need to do is
make a police report and contact us. We do the rest. Your missing
computer is returned to you with the help of our recovery agents,
local police services and global ISPs.

Our lost & stolen computer recovery rate is over 99% worldwide!

The SINGLE COPY version of PC PhoneHome and MacPhoneHome normally
retail for $29.95 each.

Our 2011 Special Bundle Deals will save you a BUNDLE of money! You can
mix any combination of PC PhoneHome and/or MacPhoneHome in your deal!

Road Warrior Includes 2 licenses: Mac or PC - Perfect for those who
have one office and one mobile computer. $49.95 USD

Household Mac or PC Cover ALL the household computers, even those away
at school. $79.95 USD

Small Business Mac or PC License up to 12 of your company's computers!
$299.00 USD

Small Business Plus Mac or PC License up to 50 of your company's
computers! $995.00 USD

Small Business Gold Mac or PC License up to 75 of your company's
computers! $1,350.00 USD

Small Business Platinum Mac or PC License up to 100 of your company's
computers! $1,495.00 USD

Please visit our PURCHASE PAGE today
to purchase and download your PC PhoneHome/MacPhoneHome BUNDLE DEAL

Ask for a price quote on our CUSTOM BLANKET ENTERPRISE LICENSE for

Whether you're trying to protect one hundred computers or twenty
thousand we have the right license plan for you.

We will soon be releasing PhoneHome protection for iPods, iPhones
and the NEW iPad... Version 4.0 will offer our users multi-lingual
installation and documentation in English, Spanish, Portuguese,
Italian, French and German language.

Version 4.0 will also silently snap the picture of whoever is sitting
at the computer and send you a picture of the thief if your computer is
lost or stolen as well as offer PhoneHome protection for your iPod,
iPhone and iPad!

Information on our product line is available for download directly from
our web site at:

If you are interested in finding out more or have any additional
questions about our single copy, bundle deal or Enterprise license
program, please feel free to contact me personally at 1-845-624-0909.

Best Regards,

Tim Albright
VP - Sales
Brigadoon Software, Inc.
119 Rockland Center Suite 250
Nanuet, New York 10954 USA
Tel: +1-845-624-0909
Fax: +1-845-624-0990
Web: http://www . brigadoonsoftware . com

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