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Subject: New Adobe Zero-Day Attack - StormShield Provides Protection
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Matrix Global Partners, Inc.




Stuxnetmay represent a new dangerous trend in Malware. The threat continues to grow but StormShield provides complete protection.



 Are you vulnerable to Stuxnet? How Stuxnet attacks and how you can protect your computers
 The recently discovered Stuxnet malware, which takes advantage of a zero-day Microsoft 
 Windows Shell vulnerability, is being used in targeted attacks to penetrate Windows 
 computers. This attack is part of a sophisticated new wave of threats that can infiltrate 
 corporate systems undetected and capture vital protected and proprietary data. The Stuxnet 
 malware has spread for over a month (or possibly even longer) undetected and has already 
 penetrated thousands of computer systems across the world according to a Microsoft analysis.
 Spread via USB Stick

 What is unique about Stuxnet is that it utilizes a new method of propagation. Specifically, 
 it takes advantage of specially crafted shortcut files placed on USB drives to automatically 
 execute malware as soon as the .lnk file is read by the operating system. In other words, 
 simply browsing to the removable drive using an application that displays icons (like Windows 
 Explorer) runs the malware without additional user interaction.

 Besides being exploited locally through a malicious USB drive, the flaw can also be exploited 
 remotely via network shares and a set of extensions that allow users to edit and manage files 
 on remote web servers. Another insidious aspect of Stuxnet is that the malicious code was 
 digitally signed using valid digital certificates which allows Stuxnet to evade security 

 Attributes of Stuxnet

 First, the spyware uses a "zero-day" attack against a vulnerability that neither Microsoft 
 nor traditional AV companies were prepared for.

 Second, The attack is undetected when installed because it installs a rootkit though a signed 
 driver that hides all .lnk files and the rootkit driver from any application like an AV 

 Third, because they used a real, not forged, digital certificate, they circumvent normal 
 Microsoft barriers.

 Fourth, the intentions of the creators are unclear and only one out of 5,000+ functions in 
 the spyware is understood. But, it is clear that an organization with deep pockets is behind 
 it. There was a significant investment made to create this sophisticated attack and that 
 investment would not have been made without a plan for profiting from the exploit.

 StormShield EndpointSecurity provides complete Stuxnet protection
 The award winning StormShield security has multiple security layers at the endpoint to ensure 
 that even sophisticated complex threats like Stuxnet are stopped. StormShield includes the 
 most sophisticated USB device and port protection available and would stop Stuxnet from ever 
 penetrating the computer itself. If, through some other means, Stuxnet made it onto the 
 StormShield protected computer, it would be detected and blocked from doing any damage. Learn 
 more about how StormShield provides complete protection against Stuxnet and other similar 

 About Matrix Global Partners, Inc. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana Matrix Global 
 Partners, Inc. (Matrix) is a national leader in information security solutions, integration 
 and professional and managed services. Matrix offers a complete line of security and SIEM 
 technologies and, as the exclusive distributor in the Americas for the award-winning 
 StormShield security products, Matrix is growing and managing a multi-tier sales and support 

 About SkyRecon Systems Inc.Founded in 2003, SkyRecon Systems is a visionary global provider 
 of endpoint protection platforms. With its award-winning and analyst-recognized endpoint 
 security solutions, organizations are able to ensure protection and enforce policy for 
 endpoint systems, applications, data and users upon which their business relies. The company 
 is a contributing member of the SecureIT Alliance, has received the prestigious Red Herring 
 100 Award, and has been named "Entrepreneurial Security Company of the Year? by Frost & 
 Sullivan. Its StormShield Endpoint Security product received the SC Magazine ?Best of 2009? 
 award for Endpoint Security.

Matrix Global Partners, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana
email to:
Phone: (317) 514-2923
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