JCS & Associates (jcsinc.com) Spams on behalf of Code Green

Tue May 7 16:33:33 CDT 2013

Pure spam, and a lesson in partnering with a VAR. You thought the 'VA' meant 'Value Added' I bet.

From: Jim Shaeffer (jcs@jcsinc.com)
To: Bmartin attrition org
Date: Tue, 7 May 2013 11:12:54 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: New DLP Solution

Hi.My name is Jim Shaeffer, and I'm the CEO of JCS &
Associates, Inc.  We are a Security VAR who has been providing leading
edge I/T Security Solutions since 1992.I want to make you aware
of Code Green, a new DLP vendor that we recently teamed up with to
provide a world-class DLP solution to our existing customers and
prospects.Code Green's unique data fingerprinting feature makes it 
the most accurate DLP solution available today.We
believe so strongly that Code Green can provide you with the most
accurate DLP solution available that we are willing to provide the Code
Green DLP Network, End Point and Discovery solutions to our qualified
prospects for a no-cost evaluation.If you are interested in
taking us up on this offer, please reply back with a couple of good
dates/times for us to set up an initial web-based discussion and
technical demonstration for you and your team.I've also attached the Code Green 
data sheet for you to review and send to your other team members.Looking forward 
to hearing from you.Thanks.Jim ShaefferCEOJCS & Associates,

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