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Subject: Definitive Guide to Next-Generation Threat Protection

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Reference Guide
In the Battle Against Next-Generation Cyber Attacks, It Pays to Know the Enemy

Download this compelling new guide and get to know your enemy???their  
motivation, attack methods, and arsenal of weaponry???so you can better  
prepare for cyber battle.

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 Today's enemy launches zero-day attacks that move through networks undetected for 
extended periods of time. This enemy is looking to attack our systems, steal our data, 
and harm our critical infrastructure. The next generation of cyber attacks is already 
here, impacting our daily lives???but too many organizations are left relying on security 
tools that are based on decades-old, signature-based technologies.

 In this eye-opening guide for CIOs and CSOs, you'll learn about the evolution of 
today???s new breed of attack, and the key to securing your organization???s network.


Download the guide and discover:

 - The definition of next-generation threats, including staggering statistics, recent 
   victims, and the costs of failure

 - The three categories of cyber enemies behind advanced attacks, and their 
   motivations???including profit and political gain

 - The key components and features that make next-generation threat protection a 
   requirement in today???s winning cyber strategy

Download this insightful guide and position your organization to win the war against 
today's new breed of cyber attack, including zero-day and targeted APTs.



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