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Tue Mar 13 12:41:48 CDT 2012

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From: Andrew T. Robinson (
To: jericho[at]
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2012 01:43:45 -0500
Subject: EGRC (formerly EITC) 2012 Save The Date (June 12th-14th, 2012)


Please mark your calendar and plan to attend the Excellence in Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (EGRC) 2012 conference from June 12th to June 14th 2012 in Portland, Maine, USA.

 *  EGRC is the successor to the Excellence in Information Technology Compliance (EITC) conferences produced by NMI LLC between 2003 and 2011.

 *  EGRC is strictly vendor-neutral.  All presentations must be educational and academic in nature.  Solicitation by vendors (including NMI) of attendees during the conference is prohibited. 

 *  EGRC is attendee-driven.  The content, speakers, and format of the conference is determined by attendee needs.  Each EGRC-2012 session counts as 1 CPE toward most related professional certifications, and you may attend up to 21
    sessions during the 3-day conference.

 *  Present at EGRC!  We encourage everyone to submit topics for presentation.  Speakers typically receive at least 3 CPEs for each EGRC presentation, and speakers received the coveted 100% discount code for conference registration! 
    You can submit one or more presentation proposals today: []

 *  Find out more about the EGRC, EITC, and CISB conferences.  You can review the agendas and download presentations from previous EITC and CISB conferences, and learn more about EGRC-2012:

 *  You can register now, but we suggest you wait until later this month.  If you positively want to register right away: []

    There are two really good reasons to wait:

     +  Your vendors and membership organizations may have discount codes worth as much as 20% in addition to any early registration discount (see below).  EITC alumni will receive discount codes in the next few days worth 16% to
        22%.  All discount codes will be distributed before April 2nd, 2012.  If you are a vendor or membership organization and do not have a discount code, please contact NMI right away: []

     +  The formal Request for Presentations will be sent in the next few days, with a deadline of March 23rd, 2012.  By the end of March, the conference agenda including speakers and topics will be published and you can better decide
        if you will attend all three days or just one or two days based on your job function and level.


June 12th-14th, 2012
Portland, Maine USA
Who (Industries)
 *  Banking & Financial Services
 *  Insurance
 *  Healthcare
 *  Energy & Public Utilities
 *  Government (all levels)
 *  IT & SGRC Professionals
 *  Legal
 *  Public Relations
Who (Job Functions)
 *  Directors & Board Members
 *  C-Level Executives
 *  Senior & Executive Managers
 *  IT & SGRC Managers
 *  IT & SGRC Implementers
How Much
 *  $900 - 3 days
 *  $700 - 2 days
 *  $400 - 1 day
     +  Early registration discount of 5% before 2012-05-14
     +  Ask your vendors and associations about EGRC discount codes worth 5% to 20% additional discount
     +  EITC alumni are eligible for 16% to 22% discounts (in addition to early registration)
         o  EITC Alumnus 3-day is $667 - $756
         o  EITC Alumnus 2-day is $519 - $588 (averages less than previous EITC 2-day conferences!)
         o  EITC Alumnus 1-day is $297 - $336

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