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eCertain ( provides a highly
secure service for transferring sensitive files over the Internet.  Our site
features an extensive resource library at (

eCertain strives to nurture positive partnerships that are mutually
beneficial. We would like to submit our site information to become a link on
your site.  Our URL is  .  We are
an ASP based in Austin, Texas.  Our service, Digital Certainty, is a
comprehensive end-to-end process for online file transfers, which ensures
the confidentiality of the transaction, the integrity of the file, the
identity of the sender and receiver, and the accountability of the entire

Finally, if there are other opportunities for us to pursue partnerships with
you, please contact us at  .  

Best wishes for continued success, 

Janice Davidson

eCertain, Inc.
1601 Rio Grande, Suite 500
Austin, Texas 78701 
Phone: 512-477-1892 
Fax: 512-474-9241

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