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Subject:   Amazing new product for laptops - Laptop Cop
Date:      Fri, 24 Apr 2009 10:40:36 -0700
From:      Gary Wendt (
To:        Jake Kouns

Hi Jake,

Are you familiar with the product Laptop Cop?  If only people were aware...
for $50.00 or less per year (per laptop) the article below may have never
been written.

*The Channel Wire -**   *
*April 23, 2009*

*Lost Laptop Can Cost A Company $49,246: *

Hold on tight to your company laptop. If you leave it at the airport or
have it stolen, your company could be out nearly $50,000, on average.

A new benchmark study by The Ponemon Institute, sponsored by Intel, came up
with the staggering figure after sampling 29 U.S. organizations, which had
138 separate laptop losses within the preceding 12 months.

The values were based on seven cost components: laptop replacement,
detection, forensics, data breaches, lost intellectual property, lost
productivity, and legal, consulting and regulatory expenses.

*The average cost of a lost laptop is $49,246*, but the costs ranged as
high as $200,000 or as little as $1,213.

*The costs depended on various factors, such as the amount of lost
intellectual property, the number of data breaches that followed the loss,
employee rank, type of industry, time of notification to the company, and
level of security such as encryption.*

*"It's not the replacement cost that should have companies concerned*,"
said Dr. Larry Ponemon in the report. "Rather, it is the data and the risk
of a data breach that can have serious financial implications for
companies. The cost of a data breach represents 80 percent of the total
cost of a lost laptop compared to 2 percent for replacing the computer."

While data breaches represent the greatest costs to businesses, the
second-highest cost component was attributed to intellectual property loss.
Even when the cost of a data breach is removed, intellectual property loss
represented 59 percent of the total cost.

*Employees should report a lost laptop as soon as possible to lower the
average cost. *

*If a company discovers the loss in the same day, the average cost is
$8,950. If it takes more than one week, the average cost surges to
approximately $115,849.*


*Banks**, hospitals, colleges and fortune 500 companies rely on LTC.  U.S.
Homeland Security teaches a course on this product.  Last year, Deloitte
listed ATI as one of 500 fastest growing companies **in **North America.*
** Here are some links for product information.

*A Review* *-* *Laptop Cop vs. Lojack for laptops*:
**  (Laptop Cop wins
by a huge margin over Absolutes Lojack for laptops)

*Laptop Cop Product Sheet*:

*Laptop Cop Press Release*:

Thank you

*/Gary Wendt/*
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