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This was sent to at least three addresses here, including an alias that was only used on a single web page and the errata address. Amanda has since mailed us saying that she used a "recruitment tool .. that is basically a crawler that pulls email addresses off web pages", and that her method for generating the list of people to mail was her idea, not that of BrickHouseSecurity.

Feb 2, 2010 - Update: BrickHouse Security has indicated that they fired the company that did the spamming. As a result, this page has been edited slightly.

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How are you? Happy New Year! I would like to reach out
to you today about joining the BrickHouse Security Affiliate Program on the
Atrinsic Affiliate Network. 

BrickHouseSecurity.com is dedicated to assisting the
public and government with their security, safety, protection, covert
surveillance, and counter-surveillance needs. Each day we serve thousands of
customers from around the world, utilizing innovative concepts and technologies
to meet their growing needs. We offer more than 12,000+
security products designed solely to your security, safety,
but also offer unique products for GPS tracking, text message tracking and cell
phone spying. Their products are truly unique and state of the art.

As a partner in our
affiliate program, you receive the following benefits:

Earn 12% commission on all products

Earn 18% commission on GPS products

45-day cookie duration - get the credit you

Proactive program management

Click here to sign up and starting earning today! http://network.atrinsic.com/

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Atrinsic
Affiliate Network or if you would like more program details.

I look forward to hearing from you!


469 Fashion Ave.
New York New York  10018
United States

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