Thomas Christopher Mitchell a.k.a. Tr0n

Mitchell, born 8/22/1973, is currently listed as a sex offender in the U.S. Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website. A general search by name shows him as the first result and lists him as currently living in Saipan, on the Northern Mariana Islands. Using the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands search interface on the same site will provide more information about Mitchell. This shows that as of 2/9/2021 he is still listed as a Tier 3 offender.

Early in 2017, a member of the security community sent a request for public records to the Oregon State Police department for more information on booking number 2005030029 / file number 39956, specifically listing the date of incident as March 2, 2005 and describing the Incident/Crime/Description as "SODOMY 1ST DEG(CNT 1) / OSP3107". The day after receiving the request Oregon Department of State Police confirmed receipt of the request and two days later replied with a disposition that the request involves "Juvenile Victime Information", the release of which is restricted. This request confirms that his offense involved a minor.

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Information about Mitchell has been circulating in the Information Security scene for some time, and an entire website has captured information about him to warn others. In a thread from August, 2012, additional information about the charges were posted that included a $155,000 bail and three counts of Sodomy in the 1st degree.

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