Abhishek Gattani

Abhishek Gattani, former Apple engineer, former Cisco engineer, and former Cuberon CEO [LinkedIn] plead guilty to felony assault for the battering of his wife. After entering into an arranged marriage, during the course of being together for 10 years, Gattani was arrested in 2013 for beating his wife on the sidewalk outside their home. After a felony assault charge, his wife stayed in the marriage out of fear that "her husband would kill her". During this time, she collected a series of videos capturing proof of the abuse as well as photographs of the bruises Gattani caused. Gattani's wife went through the devestating process of working with law enforcement, where she had to re-live the worst moments of the relationship, and felt "victimized all over again", only to feel that the plea deal was far from appropriate.

In April, 2017, the Daily Beast published Gattani's wife's impact statement that she read in court. From that statement, it said "In these past few months I have tried come to terms with the fact that the man I married, the father of my child, is a horrible human being, and didn't deserve my care or respect or love and now, he doesn't deserve another second of my mental space given the 10 years I have already wasted on him. He was a mistake and now I need to move on... but I find it difficult to move on when I feel wronged by the DA's office and this court." Despite the serious nature of his crime, he was only sentenced to 13 days in jail for almost a decade of abuse.

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