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To learn about Southern California Edison's (SCE) experiences with TippingPoint IPS, attend this SANS webinar on 8/18/05:

SANS Institute "What Works in Intrusion Prevention"

Thursday, August 18, 11AM Pacific


What Works Webcast: What Works in Intrusion Prevention: Southern California Edison Thursday, August 18 at 2:00 PM EDT (1800 UTC)


Sign-in to Webcast: (same e-mail / password as used for the SANS Portal. Register here )

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SANS is happy to bring you the latest in our complimentary series of Webcasts. Join us on Thursday, August 18 at 2:00 PM as SANS presents:

What Works in Intrusion Prevention: Southern California Edison Featuring: Vasilis Karapanayiotis Sponsored by:

What is a WHAT WORKS Webcast?

The days of do-it-yourself security using free software have passed. There is broad understanding among CIOs and CISOs that an effective cyber security program cannot be implemented without commercial technology and services. SANS What Works initiative employs SANS research to illuminate a user story that brings to life the benefits (and problems) of an effective security tool. The user story is presented as a webcast interview - in essence a conversation between SANS Director of Research, Alan Paller, and a person who uses the security product. The conversation attempts to answer all the questions a prospective buyer might ask a satisfied (but unbiased) user.

You need to register with the SANS portal to be able to sign in.

Webcast Overview: What Works in Intrusion Prevention: Southern California Edison Featuring: Vasilis Karapanayiotis When the staff at Southern California Edison (SCE), one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, found they were unable to keep up with all the alerts being collected by their intrusion detection system, they looked for a tool that would actually help them stop the attacks rather than just tell them about the attacks. The intrusion prevention tool they found did more than they expected. Join us for this interesting case study to hear about the uncommon lessons that SCE learned along the way.


Speaker Bios:

Vasilis Karapanayiotis: Vasilis is a Systems Analyst in the information security department at Southern California Edison (SCE). His responsibilities range from review, testing, and deployment of security products to evaluating, testing, and approving the security of new applications.

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