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Symantec First to Provide Comprehensive Solution To Combat "CodeRed" Attack

CodeRed Information:

CodeRed is a computer worm that exploits a known vulnerability (buffer overflow) in Microsoft's Index Server 2.0. If the system administrator has not deployed the patch, which has been available since June 18, the system will be vulnerable to the CodeRed worm and its attack that includes the following payloads:

[What kind of screaming stupidity is this? Symantec offers the "first comprehensive solution", yet they explicity state that a patch for the vulnerability code red uses was out since June 18! This claim of being the first is a blatant lie.]


Worm Removal: To remove the worm, obtain and apply the patch located at and restart the system.

Protection: Symantec is the only Internet security solutions provider to offer a comprehensive protection against the CodeRed attack.

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