According to Wikipedia, this defacement was a prank by the organizers but it has not been confirmed.

Mail from Jeff Moss to ISN printed below (original):

Mirror of the "defacement":

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Rubi-Con Defaced?

So there I am, 11:25 at night,when I get a call.

"Have you see" they ask.

"No, not recently" I say.

In a letter on Rubi-Con's home page there is a claim that Rubi-Con and 
myself have been in some sort of legal battle, and that I somehow have 
forced Rubi-Con of business.

Seeing how this is the first I have heard of it, I am going to assume that 
Rubi-Con got their web site rooted and defaced by someone trying to stir up 
trouble in the underground. If they had spent any time looking at they would have realized that we have been listing Rubi-Con in 
our Upcoming Conventions calendar since their first show, and that some of 
the DEF CON organizers help with Rubi-Con as well as with ToorCon.

We support the community, not divide it.

To summarize: There has never been any litigation between us. If there had 
been, it would be public record, etc.

Nice hack.

Jeff Moss

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