Microsoft Bosnia Hacked and Defaced By Turkey Cyber Army


Lee J

Well yet again, Microsoft has become a victim of hackers and as a result the Bosnia based website, has been left defaced by Turkey Cyber Army with the above deface page which features the following message.

Turkiye Adina Ýslam Hak Yolunda Ebedi Hurriyet

Katil Abd israil Fransa Ermenistan ingiletere Pkk Nato Birlesmis Milletler. . . .

“Biz Hayatýmýzda Kimseye Güvenerek is Yapmadýk. Bundan Sonrada Yapmayýz
Ortalýkta Gezen 2-3 Çapulcu Deðiliz. Mekanýmýz Belli Yerimiz Belli..!
Dostumuzdan Çok Düþmanýmýz var Ancak Cenabý Hak Düþmanýnda En Delikanlýsýný nasip etsin.


Hackers Cyber Army Group, Muslim Turkey and the path of truth on behalf of Turkey Hurriyet Literary

US-Israel United Nations Nato France PKK killer Armenia ingiletere

Accepting the Armenian genocide in France done in the past genocides Quickly Forgotten Killer

We did not do in our lives is no one with confidence. Then do not do that,
Wandering around 2-3 Marauder’s are not. Our location given particular venue ..!
Our enemy is the enemy so there Dostumuzdan his boy destined, however, let us in


Atess | SLYHACKER | H@Kan | Ayazoglu | By3xRooT | Death_K1nG | Hacker.infazci | SonTuRK | SoNHamLe

At the time of publishing the website was still defaced, which is very surprising that they have not fixed or taken it offline yet.


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