Top Spy Website Hacked

INSA, the leading trade association for intelligence contractors, just had its website hacked. What's worse, such cyberpiracy is not that uncommon, Eli Lake explains.

Sep 16, 2011

Eli Lake / The Daily Beast

On Wednesday, 48 hours after releasing a policy paper on cybersecurity, the top trade association for intelligence contractors got a first-hand lesson on the subject: they discovered that their website was hacked.

Cryptome, a site affiliated with the hacker collective Anonymous, published the membership emails and phone numbers and in some cases home addresses for the members of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA). By clicking on a link titled, "INSA Nest of Official and Corporate Spies," anyone can find contact information for senior officials at the NSA, FBI, and CIA, as well as top national security contracting firms like Booz Allen Hamilton.

"When this happens to an organization which is an association made up of your brightest and most competent intelligence and national security professionals and no one is surprised, it tells you we have a cybercrime epidemic," INSA President Ellen McCarthy told The Daily Beast Friday. "It's not just a few isolated incidents, it's happening all the time."


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