[LulzSec, Infragard] Alleged hacker just trying to highlight 'flaw'




The father of the University of Central Florida student who was arrested by the FBI said his son had no intention of committing a criminal act. He says his son was only trying to point out a flaw in the system.

"He wasn't doing it to try and defraud anybody. He was just trying to tell the FBI - hey you got a system with holes in it," said Gary Arciszewski.

Gary admits his 21-year-old son, Scott, messed up big time.

"I look at it from the point of it was a stupid mistake," said Gary. "If anything he was just trying to help out the FBI."

On Tuesday, the FBI arrested Scott Arciszewski in his UCF dorm room.

He's accused of hacking into a website called Infragard back in June. The FBI shares the site with other agencies like universities and businesses.

The FBI says Scott then posted his success on Twitter, and even sent a tweet to the FBI.

"He informed the FBI he did it. Now, why if you were going to do something to hurt a system - my own personal feeling -- I don't see why you would tell the FBI," said Gary.

Elijah Kepley went to high school with Scott. He shared some thoughts about the alleged hacker.

"He didn't do it, to the best of my knowledge, for any personal gain or some sort of fame," said Kepley.

According to an affidavit, Scott directed visitors to a separate website with instructions on how to exploit the Infragard website.

The affidavit says, "Concurrently, approximately 15 intrusion attempts were made against the Infragard website. About 7 of them were successful."

"I'm still proud of him, I hate to say this but I can't see him doing anything with a criminal intent," said Gary. "He's just a big gentle giant."

Scott has been released from jail. He's not allowed to leave central Florida.

His mom surrendered his passport Wednesday at the federal courthouse in downtown Fort Myers.

The FBI has confiscated Scott's personal computer and cell phone.

We contacted Scott's defense attorney but have not yet heard back from her.

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