March 27, 2003 -- 

The father of the 17-year-old alleged hacker arrested on Long Island in a 
$100,000 credit-card computer scam is a security maven for IBM - who specializes 
in fighting hackers. 

Suspect Loren Anderson is the son of Clain Anderson of Chapel Hill, N.C., who is 
IBM's director of client security. 
Loren is accused of masterminding an identity-theft operation that was used to 
illegally withdraw cash from ATMs on Long Island. 

When reached by The Post on Long Island, the elder Anderson said his son "has 
never been arrested before." Asked how it felt, as a computer security 
executive, to have his own son arrested for computer fraud, he replied, "I have 
no comment." 

On Tuesday, Clain and wife Pamela traveled to New York from Chapel Hill to hire 
a lawyer for their son. 

"His father is definitely feeling the pain, given his career," said 
computer-hacker expert and author Dan Verton, who served on a computer-security 
panel last year with the elder Anderson. 

Verton, author "The Hacker Diaries: Confessions of Teenage Hackers," said such 
youthful cyberscammers - unlike other criminals - generally come from good homes 
and backgrounds. 

He said it was likely that Loren had "top-of-the-line equipment to learn on" at 
home because of his father's career. The problem is that schools do not teach 
enough about cyber-rights and wrongs, Verton said. 

"We're giving them the keys to a very powerful weapons system and we're not 
teaching them the ethical use" of computers, said Verton. 

The elder Anderson lectures to the computer industry on security issues. He is 
scheduled to give one such lecture, "Defending Cyberspace," in Miami in May. 

Loren, a brilliant young man who's a whiz with computers, dropped out of the 
academically rigorous Woods Charter School in Chapel Hill in December and came 
to Long Island. 

His lawyer, Ron Bekoff, yesterday said the teen's $100,000 bail was "a bit 
outrageous" for a first offender. 

Loren Anderson was being held in lieu of the bail at the Nassau County Jail in 
East Meadow. Nassau County Detective Sgt. Lucy Guido said Loren had been running 
his ATM counterfeiting scheme in North Carolina for nine months before moving 
from his family's home. 

The teen lived in Long Island hotels for two months before renting a 
$2,300-a-month luxury garden apartment in East Norwich, Guido said. 

Eric Slutsky, 18, of Jericho was charged, along with Anderson, with grand 
larceny, ID theft and criminal possession of a forged instrument. Terrence 
Walker, 18, of Merrick, was charged with criminal solicitation for allegedly 
driving the others to ATMs. 

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